I am a bit of a food fraud.
Over the years I think I’ve fooled hundreds of people.
Sure my food looks fancy.  Sometimes even down right exotic.
But it’s not.
In these pages I provide the proof that you too can cook like a pro.
I encourage you to delve into the recipes that are completely and utterly achievable even for a beginner.
Let me show you how I pull off amazing food without a million steps and hard to find ingredients.
I’m not talking about short cuts with cans of soup.  I’m talking modern, fresh, healthy-ish meals that will blow your mind.
Sometimes I don’t supply amounts and measures…if I don’t, it’s because I’m sure you can estimate.  But if there’s anything on these pages that needs explaining, feel free to ask.  My hope is that this blog will be easy to follow and inspirational for you to become a faking incredible cook too!!!!!